1Aardwolf. Startup Studio

We build startups.
Our mission is to create assets that grow in value
over time, not depreciate like ads.

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2Aardwolf. What we do

We create products and services worth advertising.

New Startups

Collectively our team has launched and exited over 20 startups in the Australian market.

Our current portfolio ranges from B2B platforms through to ecommerce stores and niche marketplaces. Sometimes we fall in love with the problem, sometimes the customers. We keep things lean and focussed.

Brand Funded Startups

Organisations typically approach us when they have a marketing need that can’t be met by a short-term campaign. We help them plan, test, and build a new product quickly and efficiently.

From time to time we approach brands with validated startup ideas. We believe there is a new breed of startup emerging in Australia; these startups will be funded by brands, not venture capitalists.

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3Aardwolf. Cases

We love niche marketplaces, single use digital products and the subscription economy. Here are some we are working on.

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4Aardwolf. Method

Everyone at Aardwolf is
a practitioner.

Listen 1

First, state the problem. Most of our projects come from listening to people’s problems. We ask ourselves ‘Is this a real problem?’ If it isn’t, nobody will need a solution, and we need to dig further to find the real need.

Define 2

Solutions to the problem are defined and tested in the wild using design sprints and demand testing. If people don’t respond to the ideas, we circle back to phase one.

Build 3

All systems go. The problem has been defined, initial tests on solutions are positive. We now prioritise features and build out a minimum viable product as fast as possible.

Fund 4

We now have 100 customers that can’t live without what we have created. Now it’s time to scale up. Sometimes this means helping you put together a business case, sometimes there’s a role for an external funder, and sometimes we’ll fund it ourselves.

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